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The SMDR now also offers the sacrifice's geophones, and soon we will have more news...

Autonomous System

The SMDR can be installed in natural cavities located on remote areas with the use of alternative energy sources such as solar. This provides a continuous monitoring without dependence on an external electrical source.

Continuous Monitoring

The SMDR allows for continuous convergence monitoring in underground galleries. Besides reducing the hazards of the classic approach, this allows for quick and timely decision-making.

Graphical Interface

An easy to use graphical interface is provided, with the capability of automatic analysis with the collected data, using a computer. Furthermore, it is possible to elaborate automatic measurement reports.

      The Rock Dynamics Monitoring System (SMDR) is an equipment that is capable of precise monitoring and data acquisition and storage for the following data:

· Vibration levels;

· Distance variations (convergence);

· Room temperature;

· Relative air humidity;

      The system can be used with all the sensors, simultaneously, or with less sensors, monitoring only vibrations or convergence.