Integrated blasting analyzes seek to define a fragmentation that minimizes the cost of dismantling processes, material handling and crushing. Regarding the Rock Mechanics must assess the influence of the explosive charge in the vicinity of the excavated site, trying to cause the least damage to the overlying rock mass. Related to the theme of desmone controls on mining open pit and underground, the MecRoc Engineering performs the following activities:

The Vibration Analysis allow understanding in detail the fire plan adherence, evaluating vibration pulses observed in the seismogram from the delay time used to the amount of charged holes and detonated.

 The Curve AttenuationIt has practical application for allowing the scale function of the distance loads and vibration levels of maximum supportable by the rock mass in a known lithotype. 

From geomechanical parameters of the rock mass, it is possible to determine the Damage Near Field area using geophones sacrifice and far field using mobile units geophone.  A qualitative investigation of the damage can be in close proximity to disassemble, in the near field or far field, using cameras Drilling Shooting (Hole Cam), evaluating the rock mass and its discontinuities. 

• The Operational Dismantle DiagnosisIt is to assess the tools and procedures used in handling of explosives and accessories while charging in order to optimize the process and maintain operational security. 

• With advanced technologies Drilling Profiling is possible to identify drilling deviations and, in time, recommend actions that are possible to minimize failures disassemble.

• Measure the speed of detonation (VOD – Velocity of Detonation) is a control parameter that seeks to assess the quality of the explosive formulations and ideal initiation. 

• The Velocity of Propagation(VP) is defined using real double trigger sensors that enable an immediate activation at the onset of detonation, and higher. 

• The fragmentation analysis using specific software, allow to optimize the productivity of crushing (Mine to Mill).


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