Excavations Underground

We offer the most complete quality control service in the execution of the Underground Stabilization operation. We specialize from design to technical monitoring Support Systems Installation and reinforcement in underground excavations, and these assets or liabilities.

Carry out cabling Diagnostics hand and machineas well as proposing QA / QC practices for all stages of the process. 

• We conduct diagnostics Technical Operations Systems  bolting of Polyester resin cartridges for hand or machine installation, focusing on quality, seekingoptimize productivity and reduce costs. 

Execute one Concrete Operational Audit Designed by evaluating from the choice of materials, aggregates, quality controls necessary to the process end, the projection. 

 Load Transfer Analysis Reinforcement Systems is a priority information for the design of the anchor length. 

 Theoretical & Practical Training focusing on roceduresbasic installation for operators responsible for handling and installation of reinforcements / support. 

 Peel tests (pull test) in cable bolt and rodsanchored with polyester resin. 

 We have an expertise and experience inoperation Implementation Mechanized Atiratamento  with Long Resin cartridges using Jumbo.


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