MecRoc Engineering has advanced knowledge on good operating practices of a permanent control in underground mining geomechanics.

Operating Procedures of Geomechanics characterization were developed based on international standards, to optimize sizing of stabilization systems.

A detailed Geomechanical Mapping is required to identify the major discontinuities and their persistence looking design possible wedges to be formed according to dimensions of the spans.

Description of Geomechanics of polling testimonials enable to predict the rock mass conditions in both development and in mining regions.

The development of testing programs of Rock Mechanics resistance intact is a key parameter for any test campaign.

Geomechanical Inspections must be performed carefully in a pre – defined routine in current and past excavations, as it is an important management tool to guide operational staff unidentified geomechanical risks.

Numerical bi-dimensional and three-dimensional modeling seek to advanced understanding on the issue of Stress / Deformation in deep excavations or large spans.

Primary excavations stability analysis and Intersections, seeking define the ideal stabilization system , by already established methodologies, or by analytical balance limit methods (wedges).


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