Specialists in Geomechanics and Structural Instrumentation for Miners projects, using tools from the most basic to the most sophisticated, seeking to maintain registered and fully controlled the variables that define the risks of global or specific stability of the infrastructure that this monitoring, reducing the possibility of suffering serious incidents affecting the safety of persons or equipment during the project execution.

Our company has the technical capacity, equipment and knowledge specialized to carry out monitoring in massive distinct geomechanical quality, which allows to optimize and / or calibrate sizing structures such as slope angles, pillars (rib, sill and crow), and even control dislocations advances uncontrolled.

According to the needs of each project, we offer a range of solutions, along with the development of conceptual instrumentation projects executive using analog media to conventional remote data transmission.

 Continuous monitoring system convergence.

Seismic Ground Response Study (Seismic                               microzonation).

 Meters discontinuities (Crackmeter).

 TDR`s (Time Domain Reflectomer).

 Strain gauges.

 Strands and Lifter instrumented.

 Load Cells.

 Research Camera (Hole Cam).

 Accelerometer for Seismic Risk studies.


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